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A few words from those who have tried my cuisine:

"What's the outstanding point? The cooking, the personality, or is it that all around friendliness! I guess it must be the whole package cuz we enjoy you and yours so much. Keep up the good work. The Best." BM

""Thanks for a 'delicious' evening with great food"" BM

"Thanks again for being a shining star at the Gourmet Festival." - Winner of People's Choice Award.

"M and I had lots of fun at your class the other night. The food was delicious and I can't wait to try it out. I'm planning on taking my mother to your November class." AW

"Just wanted to express my thanks for the time and effort you spent researching my pressure cookers. Even the recipes, food and arranging the dinner party with all of us girls. I have used them several times and remain amazed how quick they are." DD

"Just an overdue 'thank you' for the delightful program on our Fall schedule."
Merrimack Public Library

"Thank you for offering Lithuanian Cooking Classes at the Chandler Memorial Library over the past year. Having been lucky enough to taste your cooking on several occasions, I'm not surprised that you draw such large numbers of students month after month. The program was greatly enriched this year by the ideas you brought back from last summer's trip to Lithuania."
Nashua Public Library, Outreach and Community Services Coordinator.

"I'm so glad that we've gotten back in touch and that we can host the guest chef series once a month together." VrD
"Thanks so much for the salad recipes - We look forward to enjoying the meals." RL (my dentist)

"We can't thank you enough for preparing your wonderful recipes for our members and guests this past weekend. You certainly are a master of your craft. Today I was forced to eat a culinary delight from our food court for lunch. I am truly spoiled by the variety of dishes you served. I will never look at a garden salad the same way again, without thinking of you in a special way."
LD, Costco, Nashua

"You really continue to amaze me. Where do you get your energy? The lunch for Barbara was just lovely. Your salad and crab entrée were wonderful. Also the shrimp appetizer and cold mango soup. It was all very rich and satisfying." LS, Bridal Shower

"I didn't get a chance to say goodbye in person. It was such a pleasure to meet you - and I wish you continued success in your cooking adventures. I want to thank you very much for your kindness you showed me week after week. It's something I will never forget, and makes you one special lady to me. Thank you for including me in your lunch group. You're very sweet. Best wishes always. " K (lunches at a business center)

"Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to cook me such a delicious treat. The Kahlua cake was a smash hit! I hated to share it but what kind of holiday spirit would that be?! :) Everyone LOVED it. Thanks again. Your biggest fan." PA

"Thanks so much for another fun day of creating new food items. Everything was very good. My favorite was the lamb and raita, banana fritters and sushi rolls." DD

"It was a pleasure meeting you last night at the ABWA meeting. I visited your web site and again I could feel my mouth watering. I will keep you in mind for catering." RB

"Fortune cookie - your present plans are going to succeed!!!"

"I'm working on the menu for the 23rd and excited you'll be seeing my new home and cooking for my friends, talk soon :)" JF (dinner party)

"Thanks so much for such a fabulous program. Everyone had a great time and your recipes were delicious. Take care." K

"Thank you for coming and making your fabulous desserts. It was a great success." KM

"Many thanks for a very enjoyable and informative evening." The Amherst Newcomers.

"Dear Oonagh, I just wanted to say thank you for making me a better cook. I have enjoyed your classes so much and hope we can get together for another class. Love" T.

"Thank you for all your fine teaching. You help make the Adult Ed program a success. Have a great summer."
LB, Adult Education Director, Merrimack High School.

"Thank You! So much for all your cheerfulness and sharing with your good cooking. The many good meals for us here at Aral Manor. Also for your helpfulness too. God Love You." PE.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful food you provided for us. It was sooo good. Thanks for your kind words as well. Mom would have loved the party. " PB (funeral catering)

"Miss your wonderful cooking class. Hope you enjoy the oranges, they are used for juicing. See you in class." C (with a present of oranges from Florida sent by a student who winters there)

"Can't wait for Oonagh's next class. It is the best class I have ever taken - great program. Thoroughly enjoyed the class"

"Enjoyed cooking and tasting different kinds of food. Exploring my taste buds. Thank you."

"Great recipes and cooking. Paella was fantastic." AV

"Thanks so much for a wonderful time cooking." CM

"The presentation and explanations were very clear and understandable for the most novice of us all. For those of us with a bit more experience it provided wonderful additions to our recipe collections. And helpful low fat hints as well. Many kudos. Thanks." SB

"I appreciated your cooking lessons and the food was delicious. Love that English accent and your 'super' personality. Keep up the Good Work." BM

"Excellent demo. VERY interesting and fun. I learned a lot. She's a lively person."

"Wonderful food presented in a very entertaining way."

"Thank you for a great class and so much fun. Love your food and you too." PC

"Always looking forward to the first Friday of the month. To see her smiling face and learning a lot about new ways to cook.. Keep smiling." PE

"Look forward to your cooking class each month. You are very easy to talk to and I do enjoy listening to you speak. Stay well and happy." LC

"I enjoy the cooking classes. Most foods have been yummy. It's a treat to look forward too; even if I rarely cook today. I'd like to see you more on TV." FG

"To my favorite cook on Cooks Corner. We love you and your fabulous food." Steve Cooper, Presenter WMUR TV

"Thanks for a wonderful Christmas Eve Breakfast. My forecast is for more decent meals." Robert Carolan, WJYY105.5 Radio Weatherman

"Oonagh - you are welcome here ANYTIME!. Love the food you make *YUM*" Kevin Hilley WJYY The Kevin Hilley wake-up show.

"I have to tell you - "you are my favorite guest!!" You beat out all those 'Bands' we interview. Stop by anytime. Bring in the 'whiskey'." Suzanne Fox - Kevin Hilley wake-up show.

"It was wonderful - Certainly brought back wonderful memories. I had almost forgotten about my mother's good cooking. I have to come back. You are wonderful!" FS

"Another wonderful class. You are so interesting and down to earth. It is easy to listen and learn from you." FS

"Always learn something new! Enjoy your class so much." AO

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