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Sample Menu 2
Specifically created for an intimate dinner party for six people.

Salmon Mousse
A delightful mousse of red salmon, cream cheese, and seasonings, individually molded. Garnished with cucumber and lemon.
Beef Bracciole
A delectable beef dish of thin slices of beef stuffed with Italian sausage and herbs, rolled up and cooked in a rich tomato, carrot and wine sauce. Served over noodles with a vegetable. Accompanied by individual 'mini loaves'.
Nutty Pecan Indulgence
This is truly an indulgence. Take a ground pecan crust, lightly spiced with cinnamon, filled with a rich chocolate truffle sauce. Cover this with a creamy caramel sauce, and finish with whipped cream and grated chocolate, for a fabulous ending to a delicious meal.

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