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Afternoon Tea

Obviously, being English, I am addicted to tea and frequently entertain my friends with Afternoon Tea. In today's busy world, a relaxing Afternoon Tea is a get away from the bustle of life to a bygone, more elegant, era. Enjoy a fragrant cup of tea, (never a mug with a tea bag) while delighting in the forbidden temptation of cakes, scones and pastries.


Normally consider approximately 2 scones per person, 2-3 pieces of pastries, 3-4 sandwich portions and a slice of cake for a lady who hasn't starved herself all day to indulge. Prices dependent upon selection.


Forget the rock cakes you might have tried. Mine are made with butter and cream and served warm from the oven. Imagine a warm scone topped with apricot jam with apricot brandy whipped cream - heavenly. Or try strawberry jam with amaretto liqueur cream, raspberry jam and raspberry liqueur.

Tiny Sandwiches or Rolls

Imported smoked salmon, cheese and cucumber, egg salad with chives, curried chicken with pineapple, quality sliced meats. A regular sandwich is cut into 4 triangles. Small finger rolls are served as open rolls.

Raspberry Almond Tart

Rich shortbread base with a raspberry preserve layer topped by a dense ground almond cake, finished with sliced almonds and powdered sugar.

Peach Shortbread Squares

Shortbread base with sliced peaches and a pecan streusel topping.

Apple Shortbread Squares

Shortbread base with cooked apples, maple syrup, cinnamon and a pecan streusel topping.

Lemon Cheesecake Tarts

Rich pastry tartlets with a lemon cheesecake filling, finished with whipped cream and fresh blueberries in season.

Chocolate Dream Slices

A crumb base topped with pecans, real semi sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and Lindt white chocolate. Taking Magic Cookie Bars to a new height.

Mini Filo Tarts filled with Cream and Fruit

Mini Shortbreads piped with Liqueur enhanced Chocolate Mousse

Victoria Sandwich cake

A light textured golden cake named for Queen Victoria, served on a beautiful cake plate is traditional. Filled with whipped cream and jam, simply finished with sugar.

Specialty baked goods

These specials are in addition, available on request, and include:

· Tiramisu Napoleons - Puff pastry slices filled with Mascarpone cheese, cream and Kahlúa liqueur.

· Linzer torte - Special Austrian dessert of butter and hazelnut pastry with raspberry jam.

· Meringues with cream - tiny, melt in the mouth real meringues topped with cream and fresh fruit in season.

· Irish Whiskey Tipsy Cake - Freshly made golden cake saturated with a coffee and whiskey syrup, sliced and served with whipped cream enhanced with Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur and chocolate curls.

A novel idea for a baby shower, wedding shower or any get-together with friends - minimum 10 people

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Oonagh Williams, proprietor of Royal Temptations, has a Culinary Arts degree, offers catering from 6-60 people, teaches a variety of classes in International Cooking, and makes regular appearances on WMUR ABC Channel 9's Cooks' Corner.

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