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Summer Fun!
First Published in New Hampshire Seasons Summer '99
Oonagh's Kitchen

O.K.! You've just walked in the door, from work or an end of season baseball or soccer game. The kids are starving, you're hot and bothered and you've already had pizza twice this week. Instead of firing up the grill for hamburgers or hot dogs, let's try something different.

We all know it has to be fast since they want food NOW! This pork recipe can either be prepared the night before, and taste better for sitting in the marinade, or prepared while you wait for the grill to heat up. Instead of pork you can try boneless chicken chunks. You could also use fish or shrimp but don't marinate for more than one hour.

In England, grills are still a rarity. To us a grill is your broiler. We had a stone built BBQ and each year I would use it for a birthday BBQ. I would cook boneless leg of lamb marinated in red wine until it tasted like venison and was meltingly tender. This was using the original charcoal BBQ. Hamburgers just didn't cut it for the amount of time one waited for the coals. Anyway, I was never allowed to get away with anything so basic.

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Oonagh Williams is a qualified chef and instructor, teaches a variety of international cooking classes, as well as offering a Personal Chef service. She can be reached on 603-424-6412.

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