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Chef Oonagh Williams is featured in
Manchester Union Leader article on Gluten Free.

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Gluten Free Brunch
For those of you that are gluten intolerant
or have friends that despair of having a great meal out with friends.
See GF note below.
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Gluten Free notes

My Shrimp and Crab Bisque, Chicken Waldorf Salad, Beef Entree plus Brie with Clementine Chutney are naturally gluten free because they are real foods from scratch and not processed by the manufacturer.
The Mascapone and shrimp filling and the Tiramasu filling (if you can tolerate Kahlua) are both naturally gluten free, same as the other dishes. I buy regular flour filo tarts and ladyfingers, but can make gluten free bases for both these dishes.
In other words, these are my regular recipes that can be eaten by everyone. I have a guten intolerant son so I cook and bake gluten free, except for buying regular bread and cereal. Please advise us that you need gluten free baked goods alternative, so we prepare accordingly

More about Oonagh

Oonagh is a British Born award winning TV chef/instructor with a Culinary Arts degree from training in London and Switzerland, based in Merrimack NH. She has a gluten intolerant son, so she cooks from scratch with real ingredients, and successfully adapts regular flour baked goods to Gluten Free. Even though her son no longer lives at home, apart from buying regular flour bread and cereals, she cooks and bakes gluten free to make life easier.

Presentations and food demonstrations that Oonagh gives on gluten free foods have waiting lists since there is such a need for this information and few local resources. She has spoken with many people (predominantly women, who are statistically more likely to be celiac) who are trying to follow a gluten free diet and they find that few nutritionists are able to help them. There are not many that actually cook gluten free or have tried any of the gluten free products. They are told of nutritional deficiencies they need to address, but very few nutritionists (unless they are celiac themselves) can actually help them with cooking, baking, safe products etc.

Visit Oonagh's web site and click on
News to read and hear the various articles, interviews, presentations and classes Oonagh has done on Gluten Free.

Oonagh has been the featured chef on New Hampshire's WMUR ABC Channel 9's Cooks Corner for over 10 years. Clips from Cooks Corner and her 'Cooking with Oonagh' show are on the
Videos page of the web site. Her last few appearances on Cooks Corner (on YouTube) have all been with gluten free dishes, either naturally gluten free or with gluten free flours.
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