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Learning and laughing while cooking is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

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2008 Merrimack High School Adult Education Evening Classes

International Cooking Made Easy

Experience the joys of international cooking while trying dishes you have only read or dreamed about - all while having fun! Instruction includes demonstrations, alternating with hands-on cooking.

Here's some testimonials about my food and teaching style. Read reviews from students! You can see the variety of cuisines in my classes.

You can try your hand at:

  • British Baking
  • French Boeuf Bourguignonne
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Spanish Paella
  • Greek Moussaka
  • Indian Curries
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Lots more tasty dishes... all Made Easy!

One week, I do a demonstration, usually an entrée and dessert. We all sit down to enjoy this at the end of the class. The following week, you bring in your own ingredients to make a different entrée and dessert with my help. Take your culinary masterpiece home to be enjoyed by your family. Everyone comes to class; mothers cooking for eight people and bachelors cooking for two or sharing the meals with friends at work. Anything is possible! I create a new course each session based on time of year and student wish lists.

Finishing with a feast
We finish off each session with an off-site potluck party (in one of our homes). We celebrate, relax and enjoy ourselves with great appetizers and desserts, perhaps a glass of wine, too.

"Great fun, delicious food"

Read reviews from students! Register today and join in the fun!

Course Title
International Cooking Made Easy
Award winning TV Chef and Instructor Oonagh Williams of Royal Temptations.
Tuesday nights. 7-9.30 p.m. (no classes when there's school vacation or snow days)
Merrimack High School, 38 McElwain St., Merrimack, NH
Cuisines Cuisines that can be covered : British, French, Italian, Greek, Indian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Chinese, Japanese Sushi, Middle-Eastern, Far East, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Appetizers, Baking.
Fun method After the first class, the participants choose what dishes they want to see demonstrated or make themselves to take home. Classes alternate weekly between demonstrations by Oonagh and hands on by the participants.
Duration 8 classes, session commences week of January 28, 2008
Cost $100 [to the school] plus materials fee of about $5 [to the instructor] every other week
Sign up info Registration is by mail to:
Merrimack Adult Education Prog.
PO Box 1325
Merrimack NH 03054.
Checks are made payable to Merrimack School District are
due by Friday January 18. Non-Merrimack residents are allowed to sign up. Limit of 10 students.
Contact Mary Frazzetta
Adult Ed. Director,
Merrimack High School, Merrimack, NH.
Phone: 603-424-6213

Join the fun!

Sign up today, places are limited, call Mary at 603-424-6213.
You can also find out about my other fun classes.
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